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Phase 1

1.  Feasibility Study (exploration, examining the possibility, initial study, conversation and prayer)
2.  Preparing the hearts of the people and discipling them for mission – used: “The Essentials of a   
     Planting Mission;” “Mission Quotes;” “Mission and Stewardship Bible Texts and References.”
i. Met with District MMF Krentz 10.30.14
ii. Formed a “Sounding-board” committee of the congregation
iii. Met with Circuit Pastors 1.6.15 and with Pastor Green privately
iv. Met with neighboring circuit #19 pastors 2.17.15
v. Annual leadership workshop of the congregation 1.17.15
vi. Sunday Bible Class and Mission Sermon 2.1.15
vii. Met with Cell Bible Study groups and other groups in the congregation such as LWML, Classics,
         Congregation Boards, Quilters, etc.
viii. Consultations with pastor
ix. Communications with the congregation through the monthly News Letter
x. Met with “Sounding-board” Committee of the congregation 4.26.15
xi. Met with Grace, Killeen leadership 5.7.15 (possibility of co-sponsor or lead cong.)
xii. Plan/prepare for general congregational info/report/Q&A’s  meeting-8.9.15
xiii. Plan/prepare for Voters meeting follow-up to include all matters of this study including a decision
         to move forward to the next step or not (see recommendations below) – 8.11.15
3. Assessment (evaluation) of the congregation and the congregation leader’s heart (commitment,
          capability, will, attitude, understanding, etc.) for a mission plant:
   i.  Strength
    ii.  Weakness
     iii.  Opportunity
       iv. Threats (internal and external)
          v.  Reflecting the basics of
             a.  Right Time (for congregation(s) as well as potential target location)
               b.  Right Plan (including sample funding/budget [financial ability]and timetable)
                 c.  Right People (right planter, right sponsor(s), right core teams, etc.)
                   d.  Right Place (Studied Harker Heights-Killeen, Copperas Cove, Gatesville, McGregor,                                   Waco, Temple)
                         vi.  Initial study of right place (potential location), etc.
                             Recommendation: Harker Heights/Nolanville/Killeen Corridor.
                              vii.  Initial reflections re: supporting and sponsoring congregation or network                                                      viii.  Summary report of #’s 2 and 3 above                          
                                     ix.  Reflections of meeting with Grace, Killeen:
                                            They need the time for adequate discussion and consideration of the                                                                challenge and opportunity in order for the congregation to prepare for                                                            a step two
                                              x.  Plan another meeting with St. Paul’s  “sounding board” committee- 

                                                 4.  INITIAL RECOMMENDATION: IMPLEMENT STEP TWO