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                          Phase 3
As of May 2016

       1. Based on the decisive actions of the partnering congregations (St. Paul, The Grove, and Grace, Killeen)            and in cooperation with the Texas District, the calling and training of a Mission Planter is next on the 
           i.  In the month of February the Call Documents were worked on to be readied to send to the
               Texas District in anticipation of having a Church Planting pastor assigned to us from the 2016
               graduating class of one of our two Seminaries.  (Sadly, we did not receive a candidate from the   
               Spring 2016 graduating class.)
       ii.  The partnering congregations have agreed that St. Paul, The Grove, will Call the pastor and that
             their Church Planting Fund will be the receptacle in which to gather funds and from which
             expenses will be paid. 
    iii.  The next step is now to Call a church planter "from the field". At this time we are gathering names 
          and information about prospective planters. When that process has been completed we will Call a  
          planter and await his God given decision as to where he will serve, either here, or in his present Call.
iv.  We also had a piece of land to consider purchasing for the future home of this new congregation, but       
       those plans also did not come to fruition as the family who owned the land wanted to use it all for a
       housing developement.  Again we are confident that our Father was saying to us, this was not the right
       place or the right time.  We wait paitently for His approval of planter, plan, place, and people. 
    iv.  The next steps will play out when the Planter arrives on the scene.
      2. With Planter in place and in consultation with the sponsoring congregation(s), the Mission Planter
           forms a launch (planting, “core” group) team.
              i. Formal preparation for the Plant (“final” determination of location [place], timing, 
                 participation/participants [and degree of participation], final plan development, and
                     ii. Communication and consultations with sponsoring congregations
                          iii. Implementations as called for and needed.

                              3.  The Call is accepted.  Pastor Gerry Harrow of Greeley, Colorado has accepted our call to                                      serve as Church Planter and is on the scene with his dear wife Sara ready to share the                                         Good News of Jesus Christ with all those with wh0m he has contact.  He officially began                                      his duties with us on January 1, 2017.
                                               4. The Launch
                                                     Fortress is born and on her own as of November 18, 2018.  Read more about                                                         her and the ministry taking place in Central Texas at:                 
                                                                  5. Soli Deo Gloria
                                                                       And then we look for a place where Forress can plant her first