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                           Phase 2
      Completed February 9, 2016

         1.  A preliminary initial meeting with pastors Heckmann and Green (6.1.15)
        2.  Formal decisions of St. Paul and Grace to move to step two (Cf. 2.xii and xiii above) or not to move  
       3.  Form a mission prayer team in each congregation. (Consider other congregations)
      4.  Formal decision to form the network (partners in sponsoring the potential plant)
     5.  Form a parenting team of the network (Grace and St. Paul) by formal decision(s) [This 
           step only nails down the bases for a formal final decision]:
          i. Two (or three) members from each congregation plus the pastors.
          ii. Determine leader (who will also train the team) of the parenting team
          iii. Using the sample budget as a guide, firm up a preliminary Budget
          iv. Determine Possible time-table (coordinate with the preliminary budget)
           v. Implement the consulting with and partnering with the District (Funds and Mission Planter        
                training etc.) and partnering with other congregations - this is a supporting network only not
                sponsoring network 
          vi. Formal discussion of the next (final) steps, understanding that the “parenting or sponsoring  team”
                will not control the launch team nor lock in the launch plans
         vii. Discussion/recommendation/desired profile/calling/training re: Mission Planter
6.  Plan/prepare for general congregational information/report/Q&A’s  meeting(s)
     7.  Based on recommendations of the Parenting Team, a formal decision by the partnering  
          congregation(s) to move forward (or not to move forward) [formal decision to plant or not plant a
           mission] to the final stage (Step three).