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Lent begins on
Ash Wednesday, February 14th.
  Our Sermon Series this Lenten Season will deal with different journeys that take place in the Bible and how that applies to our life as we make the journey through this life and on into eternal life. 
Ash Wednesday:
   "Heart to Heart: Sackcloth   
   and Ashes to Robes of
February 21st: 
   “Garden to Garden: Eden to
February 28th:
   “Mountain to Mountain:
   Mount Moriah to Mount Zion”
March 7th: 
   “Out of Egypt: Through the
March 14th: 
   “Tree to Tree: The Tree of
   Life to the Cross”
March 21st:
   “Death to Resurrection: The
   Wilderness to the Promised
March 29th: 
   “Meal to Meal: The
   Passover to the Lord’s  
March 30th:
   “Sin-Bearer to Sin-Bearer:
   The Day of Atonement to  
   the Atonement”
April 1st – Easter:
Sunrise:  “The Pit to the Pit:    The Pit of Lions to the
10:15 am “Welcome Home!”

Sunday School 9:00 am
Adult Bible Classes 9:00 am
Worship Service 10:15 a.m.